There really must be something in the water in Oklahoma. The state has produced more country greats per capita than probably anywhere else on earth – Reba, Blake, Vince, Garth, and Toby all hail from the same state where The Swon Brothers spent their formative years. In fact, Muskogee, OK, natives…


Miranda Lambert will be performing in Hawaii on September 20th, marking the 50th state she has performed in during her career.
In fact, Miranda was so headstrong on making stops in every state that she adamantly pushed for a show in Rhode Island, the forty-ninth state she’s toured in her career.

I’ve never played Hawaii. It’s my 50th state to play. My whole career, I’ve played in 49 states. I think I finished off the 49th in Rhode Island a couple years ago. I was like, ‘We gotta play Rhode Island! Somebody book us in Rhode Island!’ Might as well kill two birds with one stone, we’ll work and go on vacation. My newest of my core group of crew and band has been there seven years, and I take a lot of pride in that. I really believe if you treat your people well, they treat you well.
Miranda Lambert (on finally playin’ all 50 states) (x)
Miranda has never even been to Hawaii before this weekend, and she plans to spend some time on the beach after she’s finished entertaining her fans. (via platinumdreamer)